Our Unique Story


Preshafruit humble beginnings started with a passion to create the best apple juice.  To capture the crisp and vibrant tastes of our beautiful fresh fruit & bottle it. Our pioneering process brings you a purity of taste – natural, full bodied, nothing artificial.


pioneers of a pure process

Tasting Preshafruit quickly ignites a realization - This is how fruit & fruit blends should taste! Pure like the original Pink Lady Apple or Granny Smith. Other mass produced brands use reconstituted juice, add preservatives, heat pasteurize to extend the life, even add in sugar - it didn’t taste like real juice. 

The difference. Preshafruit is Cold Pressed which gently nurtures the juice from the fruit, filtering sharpens the taste by removing impurities and gives our juices a distinctive clarity. Cold Pressure (HPP) applied to the sealed bottle extends the shelf life without ever applying heat. Free from anything artificial – the taste is so clean, so pure!



I took my first sip of Preshafruit Granny Smith and bought into the company. It tasted like a Granny Smith. Outstanding! So clean, fresh and pure, the product spoke for itself. Made here in Melbourne & 100% Australian owned, we hope you enjoy the natural taste of the fruits from our orchard growers. In fact I personally guarantee it. 

If this isn’t the best apple juice you’ve ever tasted I’ll give you your money back.

Alastair McLachlan
Preshafruit CEO